A command-line utility for generating print-ready images and print-and-play PDFs of card game prototypes.

Update: Oct 25, 2021

Here we are again a whole entire month later, and I’ve found a little more time to make some progress on Cardboard Where we last left off, I’d written an extremely simple layout model for prototype cards, and I was looking to expand it and then write a renderer. This weekend, I added a notion of Shape elements, which have a fill and stroke, and I defined one type of shape: a Rectangle.
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Update: Sept 26, 2021

Bit of a longer than ideal break due to Gen Con, but I returned from the con buzzing with ideas for various board/card game designs. So I turned my mind to prototyping. I’ve used a few different tools in the past (most notably Squib), but I’ve long wanted to build my own card prototyping tool (this is definitely the programmer in me). I’ve messed around with writing an iPad app in Swift, with card rendering in Quartz, but the level of effort required to get a nice interface for desinging layouts was more than I could devote to it.
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